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After more than a year of hard work, we've finally launched our new website. Mobil friendly with a domain you can actually spell. Paintball Deals carries a complete line of packages for the entry - Mid level paintball player. From Azodin, Spyder, Tippmann, Empire and more. All of our packages come with top quality Maddog harnesses, tanks and protective gear. Don't settle for the cheap imitations! Shop

HK Army Changing Mat

Tired of getting your feet dirty changing your shoes at the field? Check out the HK Army Changing Mat. Your washing machine will love you!Available at today

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Planet Eclipse Releases the Geo IV Core Upgrade

Ready to upgrade your Geo to the latest and greatest? Planet eclipse has just released the IV Core upgrade. Get the performance of the GSL in your Geo for $169.95. The upgrade is available for all versions of the GEO Geo, GEO+, SL91, GEO2, Geo2.1, GEO3, GEO 3.1 as well as all private label versions [...]

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