Paintball Packages and Starter Kits

Paintball Packages for starters and pros. Quality Maddog gear in every kit. Is this the first time you are playing? Ready for a basic marker like the Co2 powered Tippmann 98 you used that time you rented? It had some decent firepower, but nothing compared to some of the electronic markers you saw. Do you know what type of paintball you like to play? Do you play in the woods? or on a speedball field with bunkers? Are you ok with the limited firepower of a Semi automatic marker? Or do you really want to be able to spray paintballs all over the field? offers complete ready to play packages, just add air and paint at your local field 100's of packages available from co2 to compressed air, remote lines, tactical, sniper, or whatever you can imagine, we have it. Paintball gun packages starting at $99 with free shipping to the United States. Buy with confidence at